eBay Expertise

Over 10 years of eBay experience, help boost sales, learn to list effectively, and become a more efficient ecommerce business. Comission based listings, listing outsourcing.


Web Design

Full ground up web design, with over a dozen clients, get face to face interaction with myself, the designer, and 100% control and input over your page.


Wholesale Purchasing

Licensed wholesaler looking to make reliable and long term connections with reputable wholesalers and suppliers.


Personal Help & Blog

Learn how a 18 year old kid managed over $200,000 in paypal sales, over $50,000 in net profits, catch the eye of the IRS, and face litigation.


My name is Edward Porter,

My goal is to create and maintain prosperous business connections that can be mutually benficially for all those involved. Skilled in web design,e-commerce, communcations, small business, and light mobile app development, I would greatly welcome any and all inquiries and business opportunities.

Always looking to improve and never presenting false expectations I strive for 100% honesty and business intergrity in all facets of my operations. Customer service and maintaining healthy relationships and long lasting connections is always prioritized over short-seen profits. Customer service and business ethics are two of the most important aspects in any business and I strive to fully implement these ideas into every corner of every project or business participated in.
Please feel free to contact me via email